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LITOVET and LITOPET | Testimonials

I've used LITOVET® on my horses for the past few months and the difference is remarkable. They've all shown improvements in their action and suppleness and I'm particularly impressed with how quickly they recover after working. It definitely works.

James Fanshawe

James Fanshawe Racehorse Trainer, Newmarket

Especially during the build-up phase after orthopaedic injuries, LITOVET® is a therapeutic successful supplement to the conventional treatment.

Carlos Merkt

Dr. Jan Carlos Merkt Leiter der Pferdeklinik Meerbusch

Meenala Marc, winner of the Danish greyhound Derby 2010. I add all my dogs LITOPET® to their feed. They are getting lither and tougher. They have even a better fur quality.

Rikke Bankow and her dog Meenala Marc

Rikke Bankow greyhound grower Denmark

Four-in-hand is a tough sport for horses, it puts a lot of stress and strain on their legs and joints. I tried LITOVET® on two of my horses and after two weeks, the results were obvious - now all my horses are fed LITOVET®. The horses are now even more alert and fresh, in spite of the fact that we are in the middle of the competing season.

Axel Olin

Axel Olin Member of the Swedish National Four-in-Hand Team